Water filters

On Wednesday,  we learned about making water filters.

First, we got half of a plastic bottle and filled it with cotton wool. Then we put sand in. Next, we put in some tan bark on top and it was ready to go. Finally, we got dirty water  and poured it in to filter it through.

We discovered that the water filter helped to clean the water. Some of us thought that it was still a little dirty but it improved. In the next few sessions we are going to write a recount on our experience of making water filters. We are experts now so don’t forget to ask us how to make one and why it is useful.


Animal Detectives

This term we will be learning all about Australian Animals. Many of us were thrilled to be exploring Australian animals! We started off by discussing the animals we know of that are native to Australia and what we know about them. We cannot wait to further explore and research and share our findings!

Best Basketball Clinics Ever

Today we were so excited to go to the basketball clinics at the basketball courts- of course (it would be silly to have them in the classroom hehe). This clinic helped us to learn how to play basketball and to show how skilful we are.

First we learned about the basketball court lines, they were: base line, sideline and the centre circle.

Secondly, we played a game of ‘Coach Says’ and we had to put the ball up high, down low, in the middle.

Then, we played a game of ‘Red light Green light’ we dribbled the ball when it was green and stopped when it was red light.

We had to use our listening skills to complete these activities. We did so well with our listening skills to play these games. We felt happy and pleased with our basketball skills and look forward to playing some basket ball at home and showing you.  


Ordering numbers

Today in Maths, we had to make 2 numbers each by rolling two dice- 1 for the tens and 1 for the ones. Then we had to make the number using unifix cubes. After that we had to order our numbers from smallest to largest.

The strategies that we used were:

Looking at the tens column first to decide which number is larger.

When the tens column was the same we had to look at the ones.

Counting on

Looking at numbers that go before

Looking at numbers that go after


Grade 1 C timetable

Welcome Back everyone!

Hope you have had a well rested break and are ready for an exciting Term 2 ahead!

Here is the specialist timetable for grade 1C to know when your child is participating in specialist classes.

1C Timetable-1kmhfw9

*** A friendly reminder that home readers are changed and spelling is completed each Monday. Please ensure your child brings their home readers back along with their homework books each Monday.


Giving and following directions

On Thursday the 30th of March, in Maths we made our own maps.

First, we found our starting point.

Then we created our finish point.

Next we mapped out directions to our location using words like: diagonal, left and right, moving forwards and backwards.

Finally, we thought it would be very important to say when we have to stop.

We worked very well on giving directions and some of us found it to be a great challenge.


From grade 1C


Kandinsky Tens Frames

On Tuesday 20th March 2017, during Maths we created abstract art. Using the tens frames and a sequence of 10 (5 + 5, 6 +4,) and inspiration from Kandinsky we created watercolour paintings. We had to use our knowledge of 10s facts to create our own abstract art such as:

1 and 9

2 and 8

3 and 7

4 and 6

5 and 5

It was really fun and creative! Have a look and see what we created!

St John’s Visit

On Monday the 27th of March 2017, St Johns Ambulance Services came to visit to teach us about all about first aid and what we need to do in an emergency. They also taught us the difference between an emergency and a small problem.

We learned two new words to look out for:


We have to: look around the danger and see if it is safe, Listen for noise, smell.

If it is safe to proceed we look for a RESPONSE

Talk by calling their name, if they don’t respond, squeeze their shoulders.

Call 000,  stay on the line and follow the instructions.

We got some great information sheet that we will show to you when we get home!

This incursion was very exciting. Thank you for reading our blog from grade 1C.


Integrated studies

During Integrated Studies this term we have been looking at our family and the community. This week we have looked at all of the social groups we belong to and have seen that we belong to lots of different social groups like:

Dancing, the Coburg North School Community, grade 1C, the Farmers market, sports clubs like football, soccer, golf, circus clubs, choir and many more!

We feel proud to be part of the social groups that we belong to!