Last week of term 3

We have has such a busy and fantastic last week of term!

Our learning has included learning about time and matching analogue to digital times with a partner and thinking about what we do during these times. We also shared our stories that we have been working on with grade 1D for our book launch and practiced our story telling skills.

On Thursday night we had the grade 1 dinner and disco we busted our best dance moves ever!

Finally, on Friday we had Footy day to celebrate all of our favourite footy teams! We loved the parade and having a kick of the footy!

Have a look!



Book Week

On Friday we Celebrated book week by dressing up into out favourite book characters! We loved the book parade and showing everyone our love for reading. It was such a fun experience. Check out our costumes!


Week 8

What a week we have had, it was such a busy one! and its even still going but let us tell you what we have done so far:

First we had a Literacy incursion with Kym Lardner. He was very funny he told lots of silly stories to the students with drawings and music.

Recently we had Tennis Clinics and played games like pizza towers, cricket tennis and what a challenge that was.

We have been working hard on Publishing our Narratives lots of people have created stories about going back in time and we can wait for you too see them.

Some titles include:

Evil M, Stolen Equipment, ipad, Back in time, Truth of Time, Give me my Food!, The Evil Soccer Ball, Haunted House.

Telling time

We made our own clocks, we learned about the minute hand (long) and the hour hand (short). the numbers and spaces between.


Tennis Clinics

1C are tennis superstars! Check it out!!!

We can make scare crow feet when we smash and volley and do our happy feet when we do a forehand and back hand shots.


Maths Matters!

On Wednesday we had an incursion about maths! We had lots of fun building with wooden blocks. We made so many towers, and compared them in different ways. We noticed that some towers were really tall, even taller than ourselves and Miss Anna! Others were small with less blocks.

A few people built cities including Etihad stadium. Others built different things like cars, boats, people, dragons, mazes and trees.

Baxter, Adeline, Ruby, Cinzia, Archie, Ethan, Zyana, Greta, Jacinta, Lucas, Oriana, Salma.



Adventures of the Como House

On Thursday, 1C and 1D went back in time to the COMO house.

We learned lots of things while exploring the house of the Armitage family.

We learned how to be privileged while touring the house. We learned how to greet people and dance at a old fashioned ball. We found out that there were draws that were toilets!

We learned about the life of servants by learning to wash clothes (yes you heard us correctly WE DID WASH CLOTHES- we have no excuses anymore.) We learned about the different bell sounds to know which room to go to and we served champagne like butlers.

We also went on a history mystery to find who broke Laura Armitage’s doll for her sixth birthday!

And finally we played lots of olden day games, children would play outside all day because they are not made out of sugar.

From 1C


Tennis Clinics

On Thursday Grade 1C and 1D had tennis clinics to practice our tennis skills.

First we played a game of tennis where one group was hitting the ball, the other group had to catch the ball. Lots of people did a great job of hitting the ball over the net and lots of people in the other group did a great job of catching the ball. Ethan got the first home run for his team and caught the first catch, also Per and Archie hit the ball the furthest. After that, we played the pizza game where he had to get as many pizza toppings as we could.

We all had fun having a go and trying our best!




In maths this week we have been learning all about shapes and subtraction.

We know that shapes have corners and sides and these help us to sort them into similar features. We sorted lots of shapes into like categories. We learned that shapes can have straight and curvy lines.


In Subtraction, we have learned that subtraction means taking away. While playing maths games we used lots of different strategies like:

count back

using the hundreds chart, unifix, number lines.

tens facts

doubles facts and the inverse

skip counting


On Friday the last day of term, we had Carnivale to celebrate learning all about Italian.

Carnivale is an Italian celebration where people dress up  so we dressed up in Italian clothes and watched many wonderful performances and sang one too. We were also treated to an incursion, an act about Italy.

We loved celebrating Carnivale!