Swimming, writing, maths

In the last two weeks, grade 1C, has been excited by being exposed to swimming, writing and maths to learn lots of new things.

Swimming: Some highlights from swimming have been; learning how to do free style, backstroke, breast stroke and most importantly we learned to dive into the deep end of the water.

Writing explanation texts: we researched about our chosen topic from light and sound. Everyone has been improving on their typing when publishing our work. We cant wait to present and share our learning to the grade.

Collecting data: We have been collecting data by asking a question to get information and then we could make our graph to interpret the data.


The Very Messy Science Incursion

On Wednesday we had a visitor come for a science incursion.

It was very fun because we saw lots of experiments including:

Flying toilet paper to show how planes fly and you have to blow fast air above the plane so there is slow pressing power below the plane.

Static electricity and seeing hair go up!

Using a air zooker, showed that air can be used as a weapon by seeing the air travel fast.

Take a look!

String telephone

As a part of writing we have focused on creating explanation texts and integrated studies we have been learning about sound so….

We have learned how to make our very own string telephones!

First you need, string, two cups and two paper clips! Then, you poke a hole on either ends of the paper cups. After that, you thread through the string and secure it with paper clips. Finally, with your partner, one person talks through the string and the other listens!

String telephones are a great way to communicate with someone near by.



Fabulous start to term 4

We have been learning all about fractions and making halves! We know that we can halve collections and create half from one whole. Take a look at some of our investigations.


In integrated students we are learning all about light and sound, we went outside to listen and record everything we hear. We heard lots of things like: children playing, cars driving, leaves rustling in the wind, people walking and sticks snapping on the ground to name a few.

We recorded what we think we know about sound and came up with many questions to do with sound that we would like to find out this term. 🙂

Last week of term 3

We have has such a busy and fantastic last week of term!

Our learning has included learning about time and matching analogue to digital times with a partner and thinking about what we do during these times. We also shared our stories that we have been working on with grade 1D for our book launch and practiced our story telling skills.

On Thursday night we had the grade 1 dinner and disco we busted our best dance moves ever!

Finally, on Friday we had Footy day to celebrate all of our favourite footy teams! We loved the parade and having a kick of the footy!

Have a look!



Book Week

On Friday we Celebrated book week by dressing up into out favourite book characters! We loved the book parade and showing everyone our love for reading. It was such a fun experience. Check out our costumes!


Week 8

What a week we have had, it was such a busy one! and its even still going but let us tell you what we have done so far:

First we had a Literacy incursion with Kym Lardner. He was very funny he told lots of silly stories to the students with drawings and music.

Recently we had Tennis Clinics and played games like pizza towers, cricket tennis and what a challenge that was.

We have been working hard on Publishing our Narratives lots of people have created stories about going back in time and we can wait for you too see them.

Some titles include:

Evil M, Stolen Equipment, ipad, Back in time, Truth of Time, Give me my Food!, The Evil Soccer Ball, Haunted House.

Telling time

We made our own clocks, we learned about the minute hand (long) and the hour hand (short). the numbers and spaces between.


Tennis Clinics

1C are tennis superstars! Check it out!!!

We can make scare crow feet when we smash and volley and do our happy feet when we do a forehand and back hand shots.


Maths Matters!

On Wednesday we had an incursion about maths! We had lots of fun building with wooden blocks. We made so many towers, and compared them in different ways. We noticed that some towers were really tall, even taller than ourselves and Miss Anna! Others were small with less blocks.

A few people built cities including Etihad stadium. Others built different things like cars, boats, people, dragons, mazes and trees.

Baxter, Adeline, Ruby, Cinzia, Archie, Ethan, Zyana, Greta, Jacinta, Lucas, Oriana, Salma.